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Swatch Cards 

 New high-class sample cards are available, best for presentations and produkt decision making.
 Single leather samples are free.

For customers: ordered sample cards can be credited towards next leather purchase. *

Price incl.19% Vat
ImageDescriptionDetailsItem No.€/1St.

with original
Leather Patterns
Upholstery Leather Florenz, Din A4, triple sided with 48 patterns583019,50
Upholstery Leather Napoli, Din A4, double sided with 36 patterns583027,50
Upholstery Leather Torino, Din A4,double sided with 30 patterns583037,50
Upholstery Leather Ancona, Din A4, triple sided with 46 patterns583109,50
Upholstery Leather Tivoli, Din A4, one sided with 8 patterns583115,00
Upholstery Leather Cremona, Din A4, one sided with 15 patterns583127,50
Upholstery Leather Livorno, Din A4, triple sided with 60 patterns583139,50
Swatchcard Cow nappa- Embossed leather, 12 patterns583205,00
Upholstery Split Leather PU-Coating, Din A 4 with 10 patterns583085,00
Swatchcard Siena - Pull Up Leather goods leather, 17 patternsTasleder Siena - Pull Up tassenleder583305,00
Swatchcard Timber - Pull Up Leather, 12 patterns583315,00
Swatchcard Quarter Leather, 8 patterns583325,00
Swatchcard Genua - Cow Nappa / Baby shoe leather, 57 patterns583049,50
Auto Leather Imola, Din A 4 with 17 patterns583405,00
Florida, single samples on request5834122,50
Auto Leather Basis, 5 pages Din A4 with 85 Patterns5834217,50
Harness Leather, Din A4 with 4 patterns583605,00
Belt Leather, Din A4 with 29 patterns583617,50
Belt Split Leather, Din A4 with 10 patterns583655,00
Garment Leather Horse Nappa, Din A4 with 16 patterns583505,00
Garment leather diverse, DIN A4 with 18 patterns583585,00
Lamb Nappa Elite, Din A4 with 11 patterns583515,00
Lamb Nappa Extra colour,, Din A4 with 19 patterns583525,00
Suede Leather Pro, Din A4 with 31 patterns583537,50
Imitation Leather

with original
Imitation Leather Pisa, Din A4 with 13 patterns583707,50
Imitation Leather Glitter + Varnish, Din A4 with 19 patterns583745,00
Pattern block
Siena and
Siena, Modena and Vehicle Imitation Leather with 142 samples5837627,90
Folder with
11 Leather Swatchcards
Florenz, Napoli, Ancona, Pull Up, Embossed leather
Garment Leather:
Rossnappa Relax, Lammnappa

Autoleather Imola
split leather

Size Din A4 with overview and pricelist

* A sample card can be credited by buying a leather skin respectivly 5 m imitation leather.

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