Stand: 05.03.2024

Privacy Statement 

1. Personal Information
Personal Information, that you relinquish on the Lederhaus Website, in writing, FAX or telephonically, will be levied, used and processed by Lederhaus Giese GmbH, Sonnenwall 69, 47051 Duisburg . This is the responsible Stand in terms of the Federal Data Privacy Protection Act.

2. Type, Extent and Reason for Personal Data Usage
Your Personal Data relinquished at Lederhaus shall be used for processing orders, use inside the forum, for contractual purposes i.e. order processing, delivery purposes, finalizing payments and in the event contracted used for additional services as requested. In addition too and only with your approval the personal data will be used for advertising and informations purposes. The data is archived electronically. Personal Data is transferred in SSL-Coded Format. Telephone and Email are required input elements of data, insuring quick and uncomplicated processing in of billing, informing of service changes and / or delivery dates. Your computers IP Address is also saved to the Lederhaus system by the data input phase. Sowie die Aufbewahrung Ihrer Daten nicht mehr erforderlich oder gesetzlich geboten ist, werden diese gelöscht.
Diese Webseite verwendet „Cookies“, kleine Textdateien, welche auf Ihrem Endgerät gespeichert werden. Die Cookies dienen dazu, sich wiederholende Eingaben durch den Anwender zu erleichtern. Diese Cookies werden vom Lederhaus Giese GmbH nicht ausgewertet oder an andere Stelle übertragen.

3. Customer Number and Password
Lederhaus makes possible the usage of the Internet Site by your successful logging in using your personal customer number and password. Please insure the you keep your password secret so as to offset any misuse. Der Betreiber übernimmt keine Haftung für Passwortmissbrauch, sofern dieser nicht von dem Betreiber selbst verursacht wurde. Lederhaus can arrange the Lederhaus Internet Offers based on the type of usage and save it to your customer number. You have the right to appeal at anytime.
Per request, Lederhaus will graciously inform you of any data, stored under your name. Sofern Sie als Kunde den Onlineshop eingeloggt haben und diesen wieder verlassen, werden Sie automatisch ausgeloggt.

4. No Information Release to Third Parties
Third Parties will not be informed or have access of any personal information gathered by us.

5. Consent / Retraction
As long as you clearly authorize certain usage of your personal information on our Internet Site, this is voluntary. Therefore you have the right, to retract this consent for future use at anytime.

6. Changes to Privacy Statement
Lederhaus reserves the right to update the Privacy Statement. In the case that changes could prove to be a disadvantage to you, Lederhaus will inform you timely.

7. Cookies
No cookies are stored on the users devices. (Cookies are small files with mostly personal data that often use other websites)

8. Information to Privacy Protection
Do you have questions or remarks on Privacy Protection at Lederhaus?
Then please make contact with our Privacy Protection Representative per E-Mail.

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