Stand: 26.05.2024

Liability Clause for the Consumer 

Legislation requires that all Online Shops provide to the Consumer the following Information prior to finalizing a contract:
1. Contracts are made with Lederhaus Giese GmbH as long as nothing else is agreed upon. Address:
Sonnenwall 69, 47051 Duisburg, Germany.

Possible complaints are to be directed to us:
• per E-Mail
• Telephonic per Tel-Nr. +49 203 518860-0 ( Mo - Fr: 13 - 17 GMT GMT)
• In writing to: Lederhaus
Lederhaus Giese GmbH, Sonnenwall 69., 47051 Duisburg, Germany

2. For returns of purchased items the following applies:
a) Right to Return
Services and Deliveries which are finalized per Telecommunications (ex. Internet) can be returned without comment within two weeks after receipt. The time period for returns begins with the date of receipt and this indoctrination in written form. You can also clarify the return with a written revocation either per E-Mail, Fax or Letter. To maintain the time period it suffices to send the goods back or the written revocation. The returned goods or the written revocation should be sent to: Lederhaus Giese GmbH, Sonnenwall 69, 47051 Duisburg, Germany.

b) Cancelation of an order
In the case of a return the mutual services received are to be returned and eventual incurred use (ex. Usage advantages) released. By degradation of the goods can depreciation compensation be requested. Should the goods for example by return be dirty or damaged, the right is reserved by.

c) Specific Custom Work, cut leather, cut imitation leather and books are non-returnable products and not valid for return. (Cut imitation leather are smaller than the respectable roll length.)

3. Pick up to return
Within the European Union and with a minimum merchandise value of and/or over 40 Euro is the Pickup of the goods through a, by Lederhaus contracted Parcel Service automatic, this takes place from any address to include your place of employment. Therefore please make prior arrangements with Lederhaus. If it is not possible that the Lederhaus Contracted Parcel Service cannot make receipt of goods then the following applies: Shipping charges of Returned Goods must be paid by the customer.
For values under 40 Euro is the customer responsible for shipping charges.

4. In terms of Warranty the Law prevails

5. In terms of our Liability we direct you to our Terms of Business Stipulations.

6. Our offers are non-binding.
This means, that in the case of non-availability we are not responsible for service. We reserve the right to make a comparable in value and quality service.

7. Prices are valid for Retail and in € incl. VAT.
Delivery - and Shipping charges are not included in the price. Details to this can be found in the General Business Terms.

8. You submit a binding order to Lederhaus,
when you complete the Online-Order Process by filling out all required information in the order form and clicking on the 'Submit' button. The acceptance of the offer, meaning the closing of the contract follows through shipment of the goods.

9. You have the possibility, to control directly on your PC (online) the order process.
Your Order Information is saved in our House. Provided you, so desire to have it in printed form, you can print the order (last step of the order process).

11. Our General Business Terms are available to read and print at



12. The Contract executes exclusively in the German Language.

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