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General Business Terms for Retail Market 

Services and Deliveries transpire exclusively on the basis of these Business Terms.
§ 1 - Prices and Payment
The valid prices are generally in Euro. We will charge a minimum fee for orders which will be less than 25 €, by consumer customers and 40 € by business customer. It will be mentioned in the shopping cart as well as on the invoice respectively on the the order confirmation which we will mail to you. In case of default of payment respectively late payment we will charge the legal default interest of 5% above the base rate. For canceled payments by the bank institute we will charge a fee of 10.00 €. Payments by check will not be accepted.

§ 2 Amendment of Invoice for Subsequent Export
In case of the the need of a new invoice for exporting the goods f. e. without the calculation of the taxes we will charge a handling fee of at least 15.00 Euros.

§ 3 - Reservation of Ownership
a) We reserve title to all items until the receipt of full payments under delivery contract. In case of the default of the buyer’s payment the seller shall be entitled to take back the delivered object. The buyer is obliged to surrender the object. The demand for return of the goods is no withdrawal of the contract unless the seller expressly declared in writing the contrary.

b) The buyer shall be obliged to inform the seller immediately in case of attachments in order to enable the seller to exercise his legal rights to the objects.

c) The return of custom made products is generally undesirable. As far as the buyer already resold the object he got to assign the claim of the invoice amount to the seller, in case the buyer will be unable to meet his payment obligations. The seller will accept the assignment. After the receipt of the assignment the seller got the right to collect the debt from the third party.

§ 4 - Delivery and Exchange/Return
a) The return or exchange of the delivered goods will be excluded at latest four weeks after the date of delivery. The obligations of the return or exchange of the goods are in accordance to the current German legal rights.

b) The consignments got to be checked regarding completeness by the buyer after receipt. At latest four weeks after the delivery date the seller will not accept the claims regarding missed articles.

§ 5 - Liability Exclusion (Disclaimer)
We refuse the liability for damages caused by incorrect usage of our products.

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