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Stand: 30.01.2023

Measurement tool for Leather Carving

Price incl.19% Vat
ImageDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1St.€/5St.
steel ruleSteel rule
best for cuttung with
your leather knife

- rectangular
colour black

- straight line
colour steel
back side with cork
front side 12 / 8 inch
back seide 30 / 20 cm
straight line
length 12 inch
including cm scale
steel rule
Wing Divider
6 inch
Plot curves, border lines, adjust patterns, and space lacing holes.
max. radius 6 inch7489513,9512,95
max. radius 8 inch7489615,9514,95
max. radius 10 inch7489717,9516,95
max. radius 12 inch7489819,9518,95
ImageDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1pc.€/5pc.
Eye Glass 10x
Lense 15mm, high 31 mm
chassis of brass, folding749784,904,50
Leather Thickness Gauge
Accuracy 0.1mm
Overhang 20 cm74980179,00179,00
Overhang 30 cm74981199,00199,00
ImageDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1pc.€/5pc.
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