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Hand Tools for Leather Carving

Price incl.19% Vat
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Universal Pliers
for Tool Dies
with with lever action
threaded upper part : UNS 1/4 x 24
shaft for lower stamp 12mm
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Universal Manual Punch Set
extra solid
for Snap Fasteners 15 mm + Jiffy Rivets up to 13 mm Head
(not for Eyelets !)
Craftool Copper Rivet and Burr SetterCraftool Copper Rivet and Burr Setter
extra solid

How to use
large #9 small
old identifier: 8110-00
large #12 large
old identifier: 8110-01
Craftool Copper Rivet and Burr Setter
Grommet ToolManuel Punch Set for Eyelets
also applicable for
Mechanical Punch Presses
Eyelets type 54 with Ø 4.4 mm 7563338,9036,90
Eyelets with Ø 5.5 mm7563438,9036,90
Eyelets with Ø 6.7 mm7563538,9036,90
Eyelets with Ø 8.0 mm7563638,9036,90
Eyelets with Ø 10.0 mm7563738,9036,90
Eyelets with Ø 12.0 mm7563838,9036,90
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Silver Pento mark leather, erasable748201,701,30
Silver Pen refillsto mark leather, erasable, for each pen with 2 mm hole on top748210,950,85
ImageDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1pc.€/5pc.
Wing Divider
6 inch
Plot curves, border lines, adjust patterns, and space lacing holes.
max. radius 6 inch7489513,9512,95
max. radius 8 inch7489615,9514,95
max. radius 10 inch7489717,9516,95
max. radius 12 inch7489819,9518,95
Shoemakers RaspLength 225 mm7514032,9530,95
Cursor enlargementDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1pc.€/5pc.
Craftool Hair Blade Tool

two different sizes
include screwdriver
old identifier: 88013-00
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