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Leather Glue - Kövulfix - Köraplast - Glue container - Latex Milk - Glue Roller 

Leather Glue

Price incl.19% Vat
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Kövulfix Rekord
Contact Adhesive: smear both sides to be glued, allow to tack dry, then adhere together with pressure.

Adheres Leather, Rubber, Plastic (PUR), Rubber Shoe Soles (TR), Plastik Elements, Felt, Cork, Carpet, Paper,Foam,Metal Foils, Wood, Veneer and many other materials. For Imitation Leather, please use Köraplast SF.
Kövulfix 30 g Tube929503,953,65
Kövulfix 90 g Tube929525,955,75
Kövulfix 300 g Can9295315,9014,90
Kövulfix 600 g Can9295424,5022,90
Köraplast SF
Problem solver for tough materials, for example Imitation Leather. Plastic Adhesive, good PVC and PUR adhering capabilities. Tack time 5-20 minutes.
Köraplast 60 g Tube929604,153,95
Köraplast 600 g Can9296127,9525,95
Kö Diluter
Thinner for Kövulfix and adhesive remover.
Good for Universal Adhesives and Latex removal.
1 l Can / 34 oz.9297017,9516,95
5.0 l Canister9297179,5077,50
ImageDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1pc.€/10pc.
spray adhesive Köratan
extra strong spray adhesive with good bond characteristics and a wide spray nozzle with square patterns
400 ml spray929659,908,90
Rubber milk (latex Adhesive)
good for adhering large areas of leather on leather and leather on textiles.
1000g Can9298027,9525,95
Fiebing`s Leathercaft Cement
Lederkleber für Leder, Holz, Papier und Stoff, hochflexibel, mit Wasser verdünnbar und im flüssigen Zustand damit auch entfernbar, ungiftig, nicht brennbar
118 ml / 4oz.926315,905,90
946 ml / 32oz.9263226,9026,90
gallon 3,79 l9263389,0089,00
ImageDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1pc.€/10pc.

Glue container

Price incl.19% Vat
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Resevoir Pot
for liquid adhesive,
with brush and cover cap
0,45 Liter9304011,5010,90
0,90 Liter9304116,9015,90
1,5 Liter9304219,9018,50
3,0 Liter9304324,9023,50

Glue Roller

Price incl.19% Vat
ImageDescriptionDetailedItem No. €/1pc.€/10pc.
Prittroller permanent
The Glue Roller which is perfect for small permanent adhering of two leather surfaces. One good use is for example the gluing of seams. This can then also be finished by sewing the seam.
Prittroller permanent, refillable, Glue Tape Length 10 m929824,254,15
Prittroller permanent, refillable, Glue Tape Length 16 m929834,854,65
Extra Cartridge Pritt Roller, Glue Tape Length 16 m929843,252,95
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