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Convertible Belts 

are constructed here in the Lederhaus. Our Leather Belts use only top grade Steer Leather that has been vegetable tanned. The straps are chosen so as to offer the highest possible tensile strength, that means for example the punched holes will not tear out which to date has not been brought to our attention. Also, the typical rolling of the belt in the back area does not happen by full grain leather.
Buckle and Keeper are fixed by Chicago Screws, so that they can be changed easily.

Convertible Belt with Buckle

  => Easy Belt Exchange
Price incl.19% Vat
ImageDescriptionColorItem No. €/1St.Länge cm
Strap Width:
38 mm
black / nickel, satin finish53452128,95
black / real old silver53453128,95
black craquel, real old silver53453328,95
black / old brass53454128,95
dark brown / old brass53454228,95
cognac / old brass53454528,95
Strap Width:
38 mm
black / nickel satin finish53442129,95
white craquelé / nickel satin53442429,95
black / real old silver53443128,95
dark brown / old brass53444228,95
cognac / old brass53444528,95
nature / real old silver53443028,95
ImageDescriptionColorItem No. €/1pc.Länge cm
Strap Width:
36 mm
black / nicke53431129,95
black / real old silver53433129,95
dark brown / real old silver53433229,95
dark brown / old brass53434229,95
cognac / nickel53431529,95
Strap Width:
29 mm
black / nickel sat. finish53322125,90
black / old brass53324125,90
dark brown / old brass53324225,90
cognac / old brass53324525,90
Strap Width:
29 mm
black / nickel satin53312127,90
black / real old silver53313127,95
dark brown / nickel satin53312227,95
cognac / old brass53314527,95
ImageDescriptionColorItem No. €/1pc.Länge cm

Wissen: Craquelé Knowledge : Belt Leather with Antique-Effect in Crackle Style

The Perfect Belt Length:

 Measure from the inside edge of the buckle to the hole that is usually used when wearing the belt. New belts normally use the middle hole.
All belts are special made items and are non-returnable.

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