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Information / Data Sheet: Auto Leather Basis DB/BMW

Auto Leather Basis is an durable and weather-proof Auto Leather with optimal cutting possibilities. Best useful for all types of Vehicles and refurbishment of oldtimers.

Use Cars, Bikes, Boats
Assortment  I
Thickness accord. to DIN 53326 (EN ISO 2589) 1,0 - 1,4 mm
Color Colors accord. to Swatch Card
Shipment ex stock
Order minimum 1/2 skin
Expanse Whole Skins 4,5 - 5,0 m²
Raw Material Selected Cow Hides
Tannage Ecologically safe mineral tannage.
Dyeing Dyed-through in the drum, with high-class dye stuffs.
Finish Pigment finish for color and light constancy
PCP According to the PCP-regulation dated 12/12/1989
Environment/CFC The Leather is free of CFC (FCKW)
Environment / AZO colors The leathers are being produced ecologically safe, according to laws and regulations, without AZO colors
Flame Resistance Low flammability accord. to MVSS 302
Bulk Density accord. to DIN 53327 (EN ISO 2420) 620 - 980 g/m²
Tensile Test accord. to DIN 53328 (EN ISO 3376) > 120 N
Tear Strength accord. to DIN 53329/B (EN ISO 3377) > 20 N
Reibechtheit 4 - 5
Rubfastness (wet) accord. to EN ISO 11640 4 - 5
Flame Resistance accord. to MVSS 302 / EN 1021-1;2 < 100
Hotlight Fastness nach DIN 75202 (EN ISO 105-B06) 5 - 7
Dauerfaltverhalten No cracks at 6-times magnifying
Cleaning The leathers can be cleaned with a moistened cloth and neutral soap

Information / Data Sheet Auto Leather Basis as pdf

: PDF: Autoleder Monza