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Hand Bag Closures, Magnetic Closure, Small Lock 

Hand Bag Pivot Closure

5-part set made of solid brass. To attach you can use Double Hollow Rivets in brass with a 6,8 mm head, for example Article 60495.
The Pivot Pin is hammered on the backside, spreading the base . It secures the Pivot Pin firmly in the previously mounted frame plates sandwiching the leather in between.


Price incl.19% Vat
DescriptionColorDetailsItem No.€/1St.€/10St.
5-part, solid brassbrass53 x 35 x 34 mm6453527,9024,900
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Hand Bag Closure Ovalino
Item No.€/1€/10stock
Price incl.19% Vat

Magnetic Closure, Magnetic Snap

From iron with a constant magnet. To attach the prongs are flattened with pliers. It is advised to use an additional layer leather to cover the mounting plate on the underside.


Price incl.19% Vat
DescriptionColorDetailsItem No.€/1pc.€/10pc.€/50pc.
Magnetic Snap CM 12nickel4 parts, Ø 12mm649200,750,5900,4500
Magnetic Snap CM 12gold-plated4 parts, Ø 12mm649290,950,7900,6500
Magnetic Snap CM 14nickel4 parts, Ø 14mm649300,850,6900,5500
Magnetic Snap CM 14gold-plated4 parts, Ø 14mm649390,950,7900,6500
Magnetic Snap CL 58nickel4 parts, Ø 18mm649400,750,5900,4500
Magnetic Snap CL 58gold plated4 parts, Ø 18mm649591,250,9900,8500

Hand Bag Closure

Price incl.19% Vat
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. €/1pc.€/10pc.€/100pc.
Claw Clasp
Rivet Mount
53 x 35 x 34 mm,

recommended Rivets:
Heads from 9 to 10 mm
Finish in antique brass,
ex. Art-Nr: 60596
Lock Pin
Rivet Mount
with 4 mm hole, Pin Length 10 mm
(optimal with Eyelet Ø 8 mm and Rivet 60400)
with 4 mm hole, Pin Length 10 mm
(optimal with Eyelet Ø 8 mm and Rivet 60400)
Der Schließstift hat am oberen Ende eine Durchführung für den Bügel eines kleinen Vorhängeschlosses. Nachdem der Schließstift aufgenietet wurde (1), wird ein zweites Leder - die Vorderseite - mit einer Öse von 8mm versehen (2) So können beide Materialien zusammengeführt und mit einem Schloss gesichert werden (3).

Small Locks

Price incl.19% Vat
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. €/1pc.€/10pc.€/100pc.
Padlock Standard
CH 126
Height 38 mm, width 22 mm
for use with Lock Pin
Padlock simple
Height 31mm, Width 22mm
simple design,
for use with lock pin
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