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Belt-Keepers / Belt-Tips 

For Keepers and Tips the inner dimensions are measured.

Keepers and Belt Tips from Die Cast

Price incl.16% Vat
ImageDescriptionWidthColorItem No. €/1pc.€/5pc.€/25pc.
Metal Strap Keepers
Die Cast

nickel-free Colors:
old brass
real antique silver
30 mm nickel satiniert725581,501,200,88
30 mmaged brass725561,401,100,88
30 mmreal antique silver725591,751,401,10
40 mmnickel726701,951,751,15
40 mmaged brass726761,751,350,95
40 mmreal antique silver726791,951,390,99
50 mmold silver727342,752,251,90
Metal Strap Keepers with notches
Die Cast

old nickel, old brass
real antique silver
36 mm old nickel726012,902,301,90
36 mm old silver726043,302,752,20
36 mm old brass726063,302,752,20
Metal Strap Keepers
material brass
30 mm brass725753,503,202,90
35 mm brass726453,203,002,80
40 mm brass726953,953,653,25
Belt Tip
Die Cast
26 mmnickel727801,501,251,05
26 mmold brass727861,601,351,15
26 mmold silver727891,901,551,35
ImageDescriptionWidthColorItem No. €/1pc.€/5pc.€/25pc.
Belt Tip
Die Cast
37 mmnickel728602,201,701,35
37 mm
slim design
37 mmold brass728662,001,501,25
37 mmreal old silver728692,802,301,75
Belt Tip with notches
aus Druckguss
31 mmold iron728012,402,001,70
31 mm old silver728043,202,902,60
31 mm old brass728062,902,602,30
Belt Tip
with Engraving

Die Cast Alloy
35 mmold silver728342,501,901,45
35 mmold brass728362,501,901,45
Buckle-Halterung mit Bügel und Dorn
zum Selberbauen von Gürtelschnallen
für Riemen:
39 mm
ImageDescriptionWidthColorItem No. €/1pc.€/10pc.€/100pc.

Wissen: Leder kleben  Knowledge: Riveting Buckles

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